"My son and I recently opened a small business providing home maintenance services. After several months of planning and preparation, we finally officially opened two months ago. Over these past two months, we opened strong and are currently doing well. This initial burst of success is in large part attributed to the support team we have in place. At the core of this team is George Slook. George has served as our small business consultant for the past six months and has been invaluable in supplying insight, expertise, and support. George's experience, knowledge, and eagerness to help have made his consulting service an excellent match for us. Many factors influence the success of a business. However, having a top shelf consultant and advisor is one of the factors my son and I valued the most. In working with George, we found the level of excellence we needed."

Bill Lessa
Habitat: Caring For Your Home

"George is superbly resourceful and has the incredible ability to connect people of critical importance to help move projects and ideas forward. Thanks to George, we have been able to move our organization from doing small school science events to large-scale events on a national level."

Tyraine Ragsdale
President, Grand Hank Productions Inc.

“George has been steadfastly working with my organization in the area of business development since January, 2010. George truly cares about his clients and their needs as demonstrated by making himself available on nights and weekends during critical times of our development. George helped us devise an effective "game plan" for developing our organization while working within the scope of our vision. He is truly dedicated to helping your business grow and he is very reliable and detail oriented. If you choose to work with George, you have made a good decision.”

Herschel D. Horn, MA MSW LCSW
Executive Director
BMFC/Kids Weight Control Program

“George and I have partnered on numerous consulting engagements over an extended period of time. George is smart, intuitive, thorough and fun to be around. Our clients enjoyed his humor, sincerity, and empathy. George knows how to work around business problems and with his business acumen is able to craft solutions. He is an active listener and observer. He asks pertinent questions. He is as comfortable talking to a corporate CEO as he is to a high school student. Finally, he has a big heart and is always ready to help a person in need. Working with George will be a rewarding experience for anyone who chooses to do so.”

Frank McIntosh
President and CEO, Junior Achievement of Delaware, Inc

“I hired George to evaluate and consult on the purchase of a potential business. George is extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned. He also acted as my advocate and provided wise counsel as various complications arose. He has many years of experience and a passion for his work, both clearly evident while working with George. I highly recommend George Slook and Metafocus.”

Jill Pagliei, DC

I have worked with George in connection with both startups and a prospective purchase of a business; I have addressed the legal aspects while he handled the business plan. He has consistently provided well-grounded, practical advice and recommendations to the mutual clients to help them make the best choices.”

Timothy Berger
Partner, Paul, Flandreau & Berger, LLP